Taking the Cranberry Plunge…

Our favourite selfie of the day, at the 35 Annual Bala Cranberry Festival

The last time I was in Bala was a few years ago, when my eldest sister and I went to see the Canadian band, Crowbar, at The Kee to Bala.

Their most popular song ‘Oh, What a Feeling’ was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2011.

Today, we traveled to Bala for the 35 Annual Cranberry Festival.

‘Oh, What a Feeling, What a Rush’, traveling north on hwy 400, during the peak of Ontario’s beautiful autumn season.

The colours are absolutely stunning this year and that shiny, red cranberry added just a little bit more.

Being a little older then on my last trip, ‘What a Rush’, this time around, was when we donned pairs of hip waders and did the Cranberry Plunge!

some culinary delights!

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