Spuds for Sistema

Spuds for Sistema
A fundraiser, sponsored by Good Vibes Coffeehouse, to provide free musical instruments and music lesson/education for the enrichment of children with the gift of music.

A fluffy baked potato, smothered in butter, sour cream, chili, baked beans, vegan chili, shredded cheese and green onion. A perfect luncheon for a beautiful fall day. Great company, great food (all foods were donated), all for a great cause.

Sistema was founded way back in 1939, by a man named Jose Antonio Abreu. His vision “music has to be recognized as an agent of social development in the highest sense because it transmits the highest values – solidarity, harmony, mutual compassion – with the ability to unite an entire community and express sublime feelings.”

Sistema Huronia began in 2013. It’s vision; to instill a strong sense of community, self-respect, and mutual support in our children through the pursuit of musical excellence in order to prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Young musicians, with Cellos and Violins, delighted the audience during the Spuds for Sistema luncheon. A strong sense of community, self-respect and mutual support came through as they played together in front of an audience of close to 200 people.

On a more personal note, this day provided a first for me. Donating a crock pot of baked beans provided me with the opportunity to discover how to make baked beans from scratch. My husband didn’t say that they were as good as the baked beans his dad made, but he didn’t say they weren’t either. So I’m counting it at a win-win all around. and I was also provided with an idea for next years Halloween costume!

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