Sand Dunes and Sky Lines

Georgian Bay retreating a little from the shores of Wasaga Beach

It’s been a couple of decades since the waters of Georgian Bay have submerged the shores of Wasaga and other area beaches. This summer the waters have been high and today the road is the beach.

I remember, years ago, dancing on the sandy floors of the Dardanella and the infamous Windjammer, to the tunes of Ram and the Mighty Pope, with my two cousins. The three of us walking in with identical ID. The waters were high and the sand was everywhere.

Since then the beaches have cycled through the highs and lows of the Bay several times, bringing pleasure or panic depending on your want.

Wasaga Beach waterfront, a couple of weeks before the storm…

When we were children we would run through the strawberry field, to the large sand dune carved into the side of a small hill. We would spend hours summer tobogganing, building tunnels and enjoying the sun.

Years later, my husband would bring a couple truck loads of this sand to our home, building a large sand dune for our children. They had made it clear that they would prefer a sand dune over a traditional sand box. The sand dune also served as a cushion should anyone fall from the tree house built in the tree shading the play area.

The kids have grown up, first the tree house fell down and then the tree itself succumbed to old age. The sand remains and has become a feature in my shade garden turned sunny spot. Still my favourite spot. The sand brings back so many happy memories.

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