As Winter Leaves, and Spring Arrives….

As winter leaves, and spring arrives. The days are cold, and getting warmer. Song birds sing, awakening us, as we remember: everyone is staying home today.

Or most of us anyway. Working from home, caring for children at home. Or at home because our jobs have been postponed.

Except for those who have to go out. Our health care providers, our emergency workers, and essential employees, working so that all of our needs will continue to be met.

Winter berries and spring rain.

As our old normal fades, a new normal emerges.

A new chapter in our lives is being written. And we are the author. How this chapter is written will be personal for each one of us. A personal journey of solitude and isolation.

It is a time for deep self-reflection. A time to discover our strengths, and our weaknesses, and our supports.

A time to read a new book, listen to a new song, learn a new dance. A time to educate ourselves in the wonderful world of technology. A world of technology that allows us to remain in visual and verbal contact with those we hold dear, anywhere in the world. It is a time for spiritual growth.

A time to discover a world of virtual churches, virtual coffeehouses and virtual boardgames.

As tragic, what the world is experiencing is, it is also a time of learning and discovery.

Children, playing in mud puddles, going on backyard scavenger hunts, and painting flowers on windows. The art of baking bread, cooking from scratch, and preparing for spring gardens, has returned.

A time for science, and medicine, and great minds. A time for global co-operation.

All of our chapters will be different, individual, personal, important. Our chapter will prepare us for the next phase of our lives. How will your chapter read?

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