A 100 Year Public Health Event…..

Not since the Spanish flu, in 1918, has the world come to such a complete stop.

Parks are closed, the malls are closed, all but essential services are closed. Gas is cheap, but we have nowhere to go….

As difficult as this continues to be, signs of optimism are in the air as government committees are being formed to help our economy recover after this Covid19 pandemic is over.

On April 7th, John Prine, always the singer-songwriter, composer, recording artist and live performer, passed away due to complications of Covid19. One of the things we had planned to do this summer, was to be at for Mariposa Folk Festival where John Prine would be performing, helping to celebrate the festivals 60th anniversary.

We know, and love, the words to his songs so well.

I particularly love these words from the song, Spanish Pipedream.

We blew up the TV, threw away the papers. Went to the country, built us a home. Had a lot of children, fed them all peaches. They all found Jesus, on their own.

I’m so glad we’ve lived our life close to these words. It makes days like these so much easier.

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