And a Polar Vortex Whips through….

Summer time, and the living is easy….

The year, 2020, is becoming more interesting with each passing day.

How many birds do you see?

Today, a Polar Vortex blasted us with cold winds and streamers of white, wintery snow. People awaking early to visit newly reopened Garden Centers and Hardware stores were greeted with weather warnings.

Weather Advisory.

Saturday, 09 May, 2020

Weather travel advisory in effect for the morning and early afternoon. Brief but intense lake effect snow bands off Georgian Bay will bring low visibility and heavy snow to the area today. Conditions will improve this afternoon.

Ontario Storm Tracker

Barrie – Collingwood – Hillsdale

Innisfil – New Tecumseth – Angus

Motorists should note that in lake effect snow, conditions can vary from no snow to very low visibility in a very short distance. Be prepared for rapid changes in weather and road conditions.

A couple of hours later, people on social media were posting pictures of snowmen. Green grass and decks were once again visible. Winter is once again disappearing…. Spring has sprung!!!!!

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