First Foods of the Forest Floor….

The first food of the forest floor pops up each spring with garlicky, green foliage and an even tastier white bulb; to cleanse our bodies of the winter blahs with a wonderful tonic of vitamins and minerals.

I was first introduced to this culinary delight, a sweet garlicky treat referred to by many names; wild leeks, ramps, wild onions, allium trivium, a few decades ago by my then soon to be father-in-law. A wonderful, kindly, country gentleman who loved the forest and all of it’s earthly gifts.

This spring being newly retired and with lots of time on my hands due to covid19 isolation, I thought I’d forage for, and experiment with this interesting food.

Wild leeks picked leaving lots of roots in the ground, dehydrated and ground into wild leek salt. Minus the salt.
Wild leek pesto! The best ever! On crackers and in pasta!
Frozen, in ice cube trays and freezer bag, for winter use.
In the frying pan, with morels and dandelion greens!

Wild leeks can be found in most sugar maple forests. Surrounded by the beautiful trillium. We were able to transplant a little bit of both into our forest. Leaving this years found plot to rejuvenate and be discovered by other adventurous foragers.

Wild leeks and trillium!

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