The Humble Hotdog

A humble hotdog

The Humble Hotdog

A perfectly charred Red Hot, placed upon a warm bed of homemade zuurkool and mushrooms gently sautéed in a buttery pool of crushed garlic.

Then topped with carmelized onion, a homemade cucumber relish, diced tomato, green onion, and drizzled with a thin line of mustard.

All balanced with a slice of sweet, air fried pineapple.

With a side of potato salad topping up a perfect, almost summer meal. When shared with family, decadence was created.

A Food Truck Creature

Next to family, good friends make the best company when enjoying the humble hotdog. And what better place than a nieghbourhood Food Truck party.

With traditional toppings of mustard, ketchup, relish and chopped onions. Just like great friends, there is something to be said for condiments that are tried and true.

The re-entry of the humble hotdog into our home was inspired by the hotdog showdown on Monday’s Marilyn Denis show. The chefs made this comfort food just a little too hard to resist.

I don’t recall my first introduction to this popular food, it was not a part of the Dutch cuisine that graced the table of my childhood home.

But now, on occasion, it will grace the table I now share.

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