The Colour Green

The colour of spring
Growth and renewal 
The colour of spring
Pine green
Mint green
Milkweed green
And jellybean green.
Textured green
Emerald,  lime,  spring,  forest,  teal,  chartreuse,  olive,  aquamarine,  turquoise,   blue-green,  sage,  jungle green,   light green,   viridian,  malachite.
Spinach,   kale,  broccoli,   avocado,   asparagus,   brussel sprouts,   cabbage,   kiwi,  collard greens,  edamame,  chard,  bok choy,   green beans,  green tea,  mustard greens,   cucumbers,   arugula,   beet greens,  celery,  zucchini,   lime,  peas, apples, lettuce.
The green of grass
The green of grain
The green that's gracious
The green that's growth.
Shades of green
Psalm 1:3 'the leaf shall not wether'

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