Just How Good are Dandelion Greens?

From the dandelion blossom, into dandelion blossom butter!

The humble dandelion is also said to; boost your immune system, help with weight loss, kill cancer cells, support healthy digestion, and support healthy bones.

Dandelion chains, for dandelion crowns.

Unlike the wild leek, the dandelion is not being overforaged. No one will complain if they see you with baskets overflowing with this beautiful, yellow flower, with roots intact.

Making wishes, that will come true!

2 thoughts on “Just How Good are Dandelion Greens?

  1. Hi Maria, I would love your recipe for the dandelion bread. I have a dandelion salad recipe from a friend if you would like it. It is a bit different than your traditional salad. I can email it to you if you wish..if so send me your email. Thanks Janet


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